Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wintertime Hibernation

Hello all! It's been a while (since early December, yikes!), in large part due to the totally crazy holiday season I had with Fussy Gussy. The holidays were FANTASTIC, and very, very busy. I sold my handmade goods at the Harvard Square Holiday Fair for 13 days between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas Eve Eve. I love doing this particular craft fair, and the other vendors are very sweet people. I also met so many new customers, and have added a few new retail shops to the ever growing list, "where to find Fussy Gussy".

After the fair was finished, I headed North to spend time with my family through the New Year. Since then I've been in heavy hibernation mode. Watching movies, cooking & baking, reading a ton. It's been SO relaxing and much needed.

My Etsy shops are all open for business as usual, and I'll be starting up with craft fairs again in April. It's going to be a busy Spring and Summer! I'll be selling at the Annual Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival this year for the first time and I'm SO very excited. It's a fun event, and the sheep are too darn cute.

I hope that you have had a great New Year so far!