Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Candy Cane Hearts On Etsy

My holiday pre-occupation with peppermeint themed goodies has begun! Last year I was all about soaps. I may be again this year. But today I'm all about these beautiful Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Hearts handmade by Poggi Pete on Etsy. Aren't they divine!?!

Another fave of mine from Poggi Pete's shop are these hilarious and very charming Milk Chocolate Mustache Pops. They crack me up! And I love that they're pictured on doilies. Well done!

Monday, November 5, 2012

For The Love Of Chocolate (Heck Yeah!)

I learned today (while reading the Whole Foods Market Holiday Magazine) that the Hershey's Kiss came to be in the year 1907. This blew my mind apart. I never thought of these perfect little morsels of deliciousness as an antique sort of thing. I always thought they were more of a 1950s thing, in fact.

I also learned that the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (my favorite unassuming candy) came to be in 1928 by H. B. Reese himself.

While this Whole Foods Holiday Magazine is not the topic of this post, it's well worth a look. "For the Love of Chocolate": the article that bestowed upon me so many great bits of chocolate trivia, today...on this (our very first), very cold day in New England. Here, here!!!

P.S. After proof reading this post I noticed no typos or missed grammar, but I did notice that it's written in a very old fashioned-ish, proper-ish sort of tone. Not sure where that came from, but it sort cracks me up.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Song List: Friday, November 2nd

And so, here we have the first Weekly Song List of November! I love this time of year. I feel like the first day of November is a sort of clean slate. Halloween is done, you've got the "holidays" in the not so distant future. Starbucks breaks out their Christmas stuff. I'm a big fan of peppermint hot chocolate.

But I'm getting off topic. I give you 7 songs that I've been listening to non-stop, and the reasons that I love them.

1. Lilies. Bat For Lashes: From her new, gorgeous, brilliant album The Haunted Man. I love this album. It was really hard to choose just one song for this list, but "Lilies" it is. It's the first song on the album. Beautiful, haunting, hopeful song. Well done Natasha Khan.

2. Who. David Byrne & St. Vincent: Heard this song on WERS this week and immediately loved it. I bought the album later that same day. David Byrne sounds better than ever. And St. Vincent is someone who I'm really interested in and intrigued by. I've loved a lot of her solo work and was excited to learn of these two working together. Their styles and voices work really well together. Love this song! It's definitely one to listen to on repeat.

3. Danse Caribe. Andrew Bird: Oh my. Andrew Bird. My newest music crush. Again WERS introduces me to someone new and wonderful. "Danse Caribe" is one of my favorite songs of his (so far). I still have so much to hear of and learn about this fellow.

4. Skinny Love. Bon Iver: Love Bon Iver. Love this album. For Emma, Forever Ago. Love this song. Justin Vernon's voice is so beautiful and delicate. Heart melting for sure.

5. Shank Hill St. Shovels & Rope: I was lucky enough to see Shovels & Rope (Cary Ann Hearst & Michael Trent) open for Jack White earlier this Fall, and I just bought tickets for one of their Winter shows as well. I'm very excited. They're amazing live. This song is from their album O' Be Joyful which I bought this week. This song is a favorite. Rich, heavy drums. And the lyrics are nice and dark.

6. That Was My Veil. PJ Harvey & John Parish: My favorite PJ Harvey song ever. A real gem of song. Super atmospheric. Gritty. Gorgeous.

7. Here Sometimes. Blonde Redhead: Another new album for me. Penny Sparkle. Blonde Redhead had completely fallen off my radar, and then a couple of weekends ago I was hanging out with a friend and she was like "I love the most recent Blonde Redhead album" and I was like "what album are we talking about?" Oh my sweet goodness. Penny Sparkle is so good. The whole entire thing. Very atmospheric. Odd in all the best ways. I'm very excited about this album.

Photo: Shovels & Rope

American Horror Story: Nor' Easter

Fair warning: this post does indeed include spoilers...

This week's episode of American Horror Story was (for me) almost entirely about Sister Mary Eunice. I'm very excited to see where her character goes and how it changes and grows through the season. Lily Rabe is doing such an amazing job of switching from good, sweet Mary to dark, sinister Mary. I thought she was fantastic in season one, and she's just as much so this time around.

I quite enjoyed the asylum wide "movie night". Jessica Lange's Sister Jude was in rare form. And Zachary Quinto is delicious as the good doctor ( least he's good so far...I suspect he'll stay that way...or at least I hope he'll stay that way!) He's so dashing in his spectacles and nifty suits.

This season is (so far) entirely different from season one and the story of the Harmon family with their ghosts, crazed intruders, and an Infanta lurking in the basement. I suppose there are creatures lurking in the woods surrounding the asylum.  And possibly aliens. And Bloody Face.

So far, these are my burning questions:

1. What's with the French song that plays in the common room? Is it arbitrary (I doubt that anything Ryan Murphy chooses is arbitrary). Is the song just supposed to keep everyone crazy with it's fast tempo and words that only Grace can likely understand?

2. Why didn't Kit, Grace, and Lana make more of an effort to escape? What was up with that!?! They may have been out in the storm, faced with these creatures for minute tops. I'm confused by that. I feel like they could have put up more of a fight. Perhaps I'm underestimating the blinding rain? Nor' Easters can be really crazy and difficult to navigate, I suppose.

3. And on that note, are the creatures in the woods there for the purpose of keeping patients from escaping? They seem to be under Dr. Arden's care? Hmmm.

And those are my questions, for now. I'm sure I'll have lots more next week. Here's hoping!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Speaking Of Gorgeous Movie Posters

I originally wrote about this movie poster last Winter just after I'd seen The Innkeepers as part of a horror movie double feature (the other half of the double feature being The Woman in Black). Isn't it fantastically gorgeous!!! I love every but of it. Gorgeous. Clever. Perfect.

Stoker And Its Gorgeous Movie Poster

I'm very excited for Park Chan-wook's new movie Stoker, to be released in the States come February. This stunning movie poster was just released, and I thought I'd share it. I love it with all of my heart. I have a thing for beautifully detailed, interesting, unique movie posters.

Stoker stars Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode and (looks like) a dark family melodrama of sorts, but knowing Park Chan-wook's other work, I bet there's something very disturbing or horrific at play as well. We shall see!

Happy Halloween From Fussy Gussy!!!

Happy Halloween from Fussy Gussy (and Dean Winchester?) Swoon.

I hope that you're having a blast on this night of vamps and ghouls and other spooky things that go bump in the night.

Aside from it being Halloween, it is also Wednesday (my usual Weekly Song List day), and I've been thinking: since my previous two Weekly Song Lists have been posted on Friday why not try that out for a while?

And so, your Fussy Gussy Weekly Song Lists will now be posted every Friday, featuring seven songs that I love and the reasons why. Until Friday!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Supernatural: Bitten, Heartbreak, + Found Footage

This post contains no real spoilers, though (as always) I do make reference to a detail or two that may be better left unknown (until you've watched).

This week's episode of Supernatural simply titled "Bitten" was sort of a concept episode. Not entirely unlike "Ghostfacers". It opens in typical Supernatural style. The Winchesters break into a house and find lots of bad stuff. But they also find a computer with an edited movie that chronicles the events that have led up to the bad stuff. The better part of the episode is of this footage and nothing else.

I couldn't help thinking about the recent horror flick V/H/S which features a group of short horror stories told through a hand held video camera lens. It was one of the most nerve shredding movie experiences of my life. And it stuck with me in a big way. The found footage concept is pretty popular these days in horror.

I enjoyed "Bitten" and feel like this season is off to a great start. I loved last week's episode "Heartbreak", directed by Jensen Ackles. This whole plot thread of Sam-being-out-of-practice and wanting a "normal" life vs. Dean being super focused and warrior-like is bound to go somewhere intense and very dramatic.

I'm so looking forward to this Wednesday! Will we have a Halloween themed episode? It's not every year that Supernatural airs on Halloween night.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Evan Peters As Kit In American Horror Story

I love these cast photos from American Horror Story: Asylum.

Evan Peters as Kit.

American Horror Story: Tricks And Treats

I am absolutely unabashedly loving this season of American Horror Story. Not that this is surprising, being such a huge fan of season one, and of pretty much all of the actors this season. Zachary Quinto made his first appearance this week. Love him so much. He looks awesome in glassses. So handsome, as always.

This week's episode called "Tricks and Treats" was insane (in a great way). I cannot believe this stuff is happening on TV. Cable TV, sure. FX, ok. But still, AHS is particularly brutal and relentless this time around. At least, that's my feeling. I feel like it's one thing after another after another at Briarcliff. Does the horror never end?

Take "Bloody Face". So horrific and gross looking. I had made this delicious Fall vegetable (sort of) stew for dinner. Super excited to eat it. Super excited to watch AHS. Completely lost my appetite after one look at "Bloody Face". Completely. No appetite whatsoever.

Like last week, I don't want to give too much away for those who are getting caught up. And there's not too much to dissect yet, but be warned. Once there is, I'll be dissecting it like crazy. Fixating on the littlest detail. What does it mean? What's the secret? Is there a secret? I guess the one thing that I'm fixating on a smidge is the song that plays in the common room. You know, the very up tempo French song (I think it's French?) I wonder about that. Clearly, it would drive anyone mad to have to listen to it day in and day out.

As for the characters, Kit and Grace are adorable already. Love them. Love Grace's devotion to Kit, and so early on. James Cromwell's Dr. Alden is indeed very sinister and scary. Both of the Sisters (Jude and Mary) are super interesting. Sarah Paulson's Lana Winters (great name) continues to break my heart.

I'm making a conscious effort not to watch any teasers or trailers for the coming week's episode so as to be totally surprised by it. So far, so good. That said, I did happen to see that this week's episode (to air on Halloween night) is called "Nor'Easter". Love it.

Salem Open Market THIS Weekend!!!

I'm so excited for the Salem Open Market this weekend! Why am I awake at 11:50, the night before a craft fair??? Because I'm too excited to sleep.

And so, here are the essential details for the market:

What: Salem Open Market
Where: Derby Square (along Front Street), Salem, MA
When: Saturday, October 27th + Sunday, October 28th (11-6)

I'll be the one with bright pink tent and neon pink Jack-O-Lantern. And mini orange Jack-O-Lantern. And hair teased to the hilt. And modern-yet-vintage cat eye sunglasses. If it's sunny. Fingers crossed that it will be sunny!

Happy (weekend before) Halloween!!!

Weekly Song List: Friday, October 26th

Craft fair mania!!! It's been a crazy week getting ready for the Salem Open Market and (as always) there are a few key songs that have helped keep my energy up. Stylistically, they're all over the place. But for me, they work wonders. 

And so, I give you this week's song list. Enjoy!

1. Paddling Out. Miike Snow: As all of my Twitter followers know, Miike Snow has been one of my favorite bands to listen to while getting ready for this craft fair. They're music blows my mind all the time, but the energy of album Happy To You really set the tone for my week. I also saw these guys love in Portland, ME this past weekend, so that experience is still fresh in my mind. I love this song with all of my heart. They played it live and it was a blast to dance to with a theater full of happy people.

2. Joy Ride. The Killers: From their 2006 album Day & Age. Again, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something magical about this album that helps me to be super focused on my work, and yet full of energy and spirit. This song is a particular favorite. Love the whole album. Also, Sam's Town holds this same magic for me.

3. In Particular. Blonde Redhead: From their 2000 album Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons. I was completely obsessed with this album in 2000. I remember listening to it over and over again in my studio (I went to art school, so I spent a lot of time in my studio). Such a great album. And again, that inexplicable motivating force.

4. Movement & Location. Punch Brothers: Talk about motivating. This song literally moves forward, and at a great and steady speed. Such a beautiful song. This song was my introduction to Punch Brothers. Upon hearing more of their music though, and seeing them live a few weeks ago, I'm now totally enamored with these fellows. If you haven't heard it yet, listen to this song immediately.

5. Poor Tom. Led Zeppelin: I think that this is the first Led Zeppelin song I've featured on a weekly song list, which is crazy bananas. I have so much love for Led Zeppelin. Oh my sweet goodness. Like "Movement & Location", "Poor Tom" has amazing forward movement to it. The drums!!! I mean, seriously. The drums. Awesome. I recently invested in the Led Zeppelin complete studio recordings box set. Excellent idea on my part.

6. You've Got Her In Your Pocket. The White Stripes: I know that this song has already been featured on one of my weekly song list, but that just goes to show you how much I love it. Jack White and his guitar. I would do a variety of very dramatic things to hear him play this song live, as is. Just Jack and his guitar. Oh my! A beautiful, heartbreaking song.

7. Cooling. Tori Amos: From the 1999 double album To Venus and Back. This particular song is from the live album portion. I initially heard this song on the PBS live music/interview show Sessions At West 54th during which a musician or band would perform and then David Byrne would interview them about their music and creative process. Amazing show. I saw Tori on this show and it completely changed my feelings toward her music. I felt so connected to her creative process and ideas, and I really enjoyed her live performance. "Cooling" was her closing song and it blew me away/made me cry. Gorgeous song. I'd say it's one of my all time favorite songs. On this recording she talks about how she only plays it live "because it just didn't want to be on any of the records". She also refers to it as "one of her best friends of all the songs". I love this idea of her songs taking on their own identities and having a will of their own. Brilliant.

Photo: Miike Snow

P.S. Woah! I wrote so much about that Tori Amos song. I guess I just has a lot to say about it??? It didn't seem like that much when I was writing it, but alas.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekly Song List: For Friday, October 26th

As you likely know (from my pervious post), I am in the midst of craft fair craziness getting ready for the Salem Open Market this coming weekend. I've been sewing up a storm, making all sorts of Halloween themed pot holders, dish towels, aprons, and more.

And so, my weekly song list will be posted on Friday this week. Hmmm. Halloween theme, perhaps???

Also, stay tuned for my weekly American Horror Story post, also on Friday. Oh, how I love this show!

Photo: Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes

P.S. I just bought the new Bat For Lashes album The Haunted Man. Can't wait until it arrives!!! I'll most definitely be writing about it. And soon.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Salem Open Market THIS Weekend!!!

I'm heading into heavy sewing mode this week getting ready for the Salem Open Market this weekend. I'm crazy excited to be selling my Fussy Gussy handmade goods at this market, and oh so close to Halloween! I'll likely be writing more on the market later in the week, but for now, here are the essential details.

What: Salem Open Market
Where: Derby Square, Salem, MA
When: Saturday, October 27th + Sunday, October 28th (11-6)

I'll be the one with bright pink tent and neon pink Jack-O-Lantern.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Song List: Friday, October 19th

In light of my seeing Beach House live in concert earlier this week, I knew that I simply had to begin this week's song list with a Beach House song.

And this led to some interesting things. I started adding different songs, all of which were by ladies. 3 songs in I decided to run with it. And so I give you this week's song list. Lady love.

1. 10 Mile Stereo. Beach House: By now you likely know that I saw these two live in concert earlier this week. Amazing show! Oh my sweet goodness. It was stunning. Energetic. This song has sort of been my "life line" to my memory of the show. For whatever reason, I can picture the stage in my mind when I hear this song. Love it. Love the drum machine. Love Victoria Legrand's voice.

2. Margaret vs. Pauline. Neko Case: I have so much love for this song and for the lady herself. So, so much love. The story of the song is so uniquely sad. "Two girls ride the blue line, two girls walk down the same street. One left a sweater sittin' on the train and the other lost three fingers at the cannery." Brilliant.

3. Skylark. K.d. Lang: I've been lucky enough to see K.d. Lang in concert not once but twice. I feel like she has one of those voices that could melt anything. It's so warm and rich and beautiful. This song is from the Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil soundtrack featuring the songs of Johnny Mercer. "Skylark" opens and closes the flim, if I remember correctly. Gorgeousness. Pure gorgeousness.

4. Melody. Blonde Redhead: This song is my American Horror Story consumed mind entering the mix. I don't know why exactly, but this song reminds me so much of AHS. The atmosphere. The drums. The story to some extent. At any rate, it's a great song.

5. Shotgun Down the Avalanche. Shawn Colvin: Gorgeous acoustic version of this song. Recorded as part of the Columbia Records Radio Hour. I heard it for the first time on my local folk radio station, and have listened to it a zillion times since. I love to sing along with this one.

6. Baker Baker. Tori Amos: This song breaks my heart every time I hear it. Between the lyrics   about hearts made of icing and Tori's voice, what other option is there but heartbreak?

7. The Hill. Marketa Irglova: From the movie Once. Simple. Beautiful. Again, with the heartbreak. Marketa's voice is so tender and seemingly on the verge of breaking but also so strong and full. If you haven't seen this movie, see it. Immediately.

Photo: Beach House

American Horror Story: Welcome To Briarcliff

Before I start, I want to point out that while this post contains no real spoilers, it does reveal some details that may be better left unknown for those of you who have not yet watched.

And on that note. Let's talk American Horror Story. Everyone's favorite psycho-horror-drama is back for its second season, and it is as creepy, suspenseful, and stylish (as always). This week's season opener was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see how the season unfolds.

Let's see. Highlights? I'm already head over heals for Evan Peters' character, whose proper name eludes me now. He was referred to as "Bloody Face" for much of the episode. I adore Sarah Paulson. She was a favorite of mine last season. Love her style, her voice, her general presence. And she's a fantastic actress.

James Cromwell is super creepy and sinister. Very villainous. Very tall. And of course, there's Jessica Lange. She's so amazing. Sister Jude is going to be an interesting one. Not entirely a villain, but definitely not heroic.

All in all, I'm crazy excited for this season of AHS and look forward to being good and properly creeped out by it week after week after week. Until next Friday.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekly Song List For Friday, October 19th

My brain is so consumed with thoughts of American Horror Story that I feel like it might implode. Oh, how I love hyperbole!

And on that note, this week's song list will be posted on Friday, October 19th. Perhaps it will even be an AHS themed list? We shall see. Until Friday.

(Thank Goodness) Evan Peters Is Back On AHS

I know that I'm not alone in my love of Evan Peters, nor in my excitement about this evening's season premier of American Horror Story: Asylum. 

Tonight's The Night, American Horror Story Returns

Tonight's the night! The first episode of American Horror Story: Asylum will air at 10 o'clock this evening on FX. I'll be writing about the show (again) this season and will post every Friday on the topic.

I promise to focus on details that may seem unimportant (and perhaps, in the end, are). I promise to be write overly (and oddly) detailed accounts of each episode. And I promise to write plenty about Evan Peters. I'm so excited to see him again on the screen.

If you feel so inclined, you can watch the first five minutes of the season opener "Welcome to Briarcliff". I've chosen not to watch these first five minutes, in an effort to be totally surprised by the full episode. But I've heard it's a "chilling" first five.

Until Friday...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekly Song List: Wednesday, October 10th

I hope that you've had a great week so far! Autumn is in full force here. The leaves are changing and it's chilly in that perfect crisp Autumn way. I've started wearing my wool socks and slippers. Yes! I love this time of year.

Starting next week, I'll be putting together some themed song lists, but for now please enjoy this collection of 7 beautiful songs that I cannot seem to get enough of lately. I have so much love for all of them.

1. Survival. Muse: Muse is one of my all time favorite bands. I think they're absolutely brilliant. This song is from their new album The 2nd Law, which I literally bought yesterday at Newbury Comics. It's an amazing album (more on that later), and this song is my favorite so far. It makes me feel like a Warrior Queen.

2. Make a Fist. Phatogram: There's something very forward-moving about this song. It has a lot of momentum. I love that. Phantogram are magical to me. Beautiful songs full of electricity and energy and light.

3. Rest In Bed. Laura Marling: It's no secret that I absolutely adore Laura Marling. Her songs are so soulful and beautiful and pure and warm. I love them. Especially this one.

4. It'll Happen. Punch Brothers: It's also no secret that I'm crazy enamored with Punch Brothers after seeing them live in Portsmouth, NH one week ago. This song is one of my favorites. Very subtle and sweet and lovely. I don't believe they performed this live, but I was in a happiness induced delirium, so I can't be certain.

5. Lonesome Valley. Tom Brosseau: I've listened to this song more than any other song this week. Literally. I think it's perfect. Beautiful and perfect.

6. Sunrise, Sunset. Bright Eyes: I think that Conor Oberst (AKA Bright Eyes) is one of the great song writers of our time. This song is from Fevers & Mirrors, which was my first Bright Eyes album. It's also my favorite. This song is a real gem. I love them klezmer influence and Conor's voice is so heart wrenching.

7. Girl's Song In Winter. Vashti Bunyan: Everything about this song is magic to me. The recording, plenty of crackle and hiss. Vashti's voice. Gorgeous. I also (generally) love songs that are about the Wintertime. Very bittersweet and beautiful. And perfect ending song.

Photo: Phantogram

Monday, October 8, 2012

Games Of Thrones On Etsy

"Winter Is Coming". The very first episode of the epic and awesome HBO TV series Game of Thrones based on the George R.R. Martin series (of dauntingly epic novels) A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm a huge fan of the TV series and so when I saw this Game of Thrones themed treasury on Etsy my day was improved eight fold.

The treasury features lots of beautiful House of Stark, Winterfell, and dire wolf inspired goodies, including this gorgeous House of Stark original illustration print by damonboreing ("Nonsensical Nerdery") on Etsy.

Thank you Balthasar for creating such an awesome and epic treasury!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh My Sweet Goodness, Supernatural Is Back!

This past Wednesday, my favorite TV show Supernatural returned for its 8th season. I don't want to spoil anything for those who have not watched, but let's just say it did not disappoint. The Winchesters are back to the grind and they're both as handsome as ever. Swoon.

Stylistically, this first episode of the season seemed a little different. Edgier, or something? Darker. There were some very funny moments (don't get me wrong), but in general it felt more somber. More dark. There's ample use of flashbacks which is very different, but works really well, I think. And the use of music was (as usual) fantastic!

I'm planning a second viewing over the long weekend, and I'm so excited for next week's episode!

P.S. A detail that I just remembered: there are lots of different locations in this episode, my favorite of which is "Kermit, Texas". I know that the use of the word "Kermit" exists outside of The Muppets, but for me it only exists in regards to The Muppets.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekly Song List: Wednesday, October 3rd

This week's song list is inspired by some of the live music that I was lucky enough to see (and hear) this week and past weekend.

I saw Jack White not once, but twice. Holy smokes! Amazing, unforgettable shows. Both with his all lady band The Peacocks.

And last night I saw Punch Brothers at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH. Oh my sweet goodness! Incredible show. From the venue to the opening act to the Punch Brothers themselves. Truly fantastic.

But more on that later.

Each song in this week's list connects back to these live shows in one way or another. Be it a song that I heard live, or a song that I listened to in the car driving to one these shows. There's a definite atmosphere to this group of songs. Sort of bluegrass, dark country, and melancholy.

And so, here you have it! 7 songs from me to you.

1. Hell's Bells. Cary Ann Hearst: This lady is my new favorite. I adore her. She and her husband Michael Trent make up a two person band called Shovels & Rope. I saw these two in Boston opening for Jack White and they slayed me. Absolutely blew me away. This song "Hell's Bells" is a foot stomper of a song.

2. Nostalgia. Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo: It's not secret how much I love the BBC Wallander series starring Kenneth Branagh. Well, this is the song used in the beautiful blue and yellow opening credits. Gorgeous! Emily Barker is so talented and soulful. I hope to see her play live some day. I think she'd be amazing.

3. Flippen. Punch Brothers: What can I say about this song and/or about Punch Brothers? I loved their music long before seeing them live, and now that I've had that experience, I'm completely in awe of them. Literal awe. I'm not being hyperbolic here. They're all so crazy skilled with their instruments, and they way that they play off one another and with one another is mind boggling to me.

4. How to Grow a Woman From the Ground. Tom Brosseau: This man writes the most beautiful songs. Opening for Punch Brothers, he came out on stage with his guitar and a harmonica. He told stories (which I loved). And he played this (and many other) bittersweet, beautiful songs.

5. Behind That Locked Door. Yim Yames: From Yim Yames' (Jim James') Tribute To EP. The song was written by George Harrison. Gorgeous song. Lots of air and space in this song. It's also very warm and sweet to me. Jim James' voice melts my heart.

6. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?. Leadbelly: This song is one of the darkest songs I know. From the actual song to the recording of it, to his voice. Haunting, I'd say.

7. Carolina Drama. The Raconteurs: This song rivals "Broken Boy Soldiers" as my favorite Raconteurs song. I have so much love for this song. I'd love to hear this song live. It's a real story song. Amazing atmosphere. And Jack White's voice sounds incredible.

Photo: Punch Brothers

Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh My Sweet Goodness, It's October!

I'm so happy that it's October. This might be my favorite month. Or December. Or maybe April? Hmmm. It's a tough one. Anyway, I love October for all sorts of reasons. I love Autumn! Halloween. My crazy craft fair season begins this month. And I like to see it a sort of fresh start. Seasons are the best that way.

Just a reminder/update: Weekly Song Lists are going to be up every Wednesday. I may do a few on a Halloween theme, but we'll see how it goes. I've heard a lot of great new music these past couple of weeks, so I'm particularly excited about this week's list.

Supernatural is starting back up this Wednesday, October 3rd. Oh my sweet goodness!!!(That's my new favorite exclamation.) And American Horror Story will be starting up on the 17th. Aaaahhh!!! So much awesome, dramatic, spooky TV.

I've seen lots of great live music this past week, so stay tuned for my standard-overly-detailed-accounts, and photos, very soon.

And that's that for now! I leave you with this beautiful black and white film still from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, one of my all time favorite movies, and one of the great haunted-house-love-stories ever put to the silver screen.

Photo: Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jack White Omaha, Eight (Or So) Weeks Later

In typical me fashion, I've waited much too long to write a post about my trip to Nebraska to see Jack White at the Omaha Music Hall. But, it's been eight (or so) weeks since the show and it's still very fresh in my mind.

My Mom joined me on the trip. We spent the day in Omaha shopping in the Old Market and at Wolf Brothers Western Shop. We drove all over the city. It was a gorgeous day in Omaha.

And then there was the show. Unforgettable! Fantastic! As good as if not better than the Roseland Ballroom show. Well...that show was fantastic as well, but for different reasons. The Music Hall was a great venue. Very intimate and charming. The sound was awesome, and Jack's voice sounded incredible. Like, unbelievably good. Especially considering he'd played Lollapalooza the night before. His voice was warm, rich, and clear.

My Mom and I had great seats in the front row of the balcony, a little right of center. Perfect view of the stage. Jack looked very handsome with his hair combed back over his ears, and an elegant black vest, white collared shirt, black tie ensemble, finished off by what looked like dark grey wool (???) straight leg pants and white patent leather short boots (or booties...I've written about this before...are they booties when men wear them?)

I was lucky enough to see The Buzzards for a second time, and they were as awesome and as loud as in NYC. I love this band! And I still have a crush on the tambourine-player-come-background-singer-come-mandolin/sometimes piano player.

The crowd was great. Lots of singing along. My mom remembers that during "You Know That I Know" Jack stopped singing because we were all singing, and that he smiled at this. I don't remember this specifically because I one of the people singing along, lost in the moment of it all. I love live music!

Jack and The Buzzards played for a really long time, thank goodness! The show kept going and going and going. And at the end, they all came together on stage and bowed. It was great, refreshing, and very heart-warming. Like they're a whole, solid band, not one guy being backed by a band. My Mom even commented that Jack doesn't seem like the type who wants a ton of attention, that he wants to share the attention with his band mates equally and never "outshine" them. I thought this was very insightful of her. And I have to agree, Mom. Excellent observation.

And so, here's a complete list of songs played by Jack White and The Buzzards on August 6th at the Omaha Music Hall:

Hello Operator
Weep Themselves To Sleep
Missing Pieces
Trash Tongue Talker
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Wasting My Time
Hotel Yorba
You Know That I Know
Hypocritical Kiss
Top Yourself
I Cut Like a Buffalo
Broken Boy Soldiers
We're Going To Be Friends
I'm Slowly Turning Into You
Take Me With You When You Go

Steady As She Goes
Freedom At 21
Sixteen Saltines
Catch Hell Blues
Seen Nation Army
Goodnight, Irene

A good long show. And I loved every second of it! My favorites were "I'm Slowly Turning Into You", "Hotel Yorba" (the crowd went crazy for this one!), "You Know That I Know" (the crowd went crazy for this one, too), "Blunderbuss", and "Goodnight, Irene". Wonderful night, wonderful show.

Photo by Jo McCaughey.