Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Without Siobhan Magnus, Idol Is Over & Done

Tonight's American Idol elimination was a shocking and rather sad one for me. In fact, I cried. Being a dedicated Siobhan Magnus fan since day one, it was hard to see her leave. I've watched the show since the first season, and while I don't watch every season, I always tune in if there's even just one contestant that I (a) relate to, or (b) appreciate their vocal amazing-ness, or (c) just plain adore.

Siobhan met all of the criteria for me. She's quirky, a little eccentric, and a free-thinking, non-conformist. And to boot, she has a CRAZY fantastic voice. So pure, and strong. And good for her for not fitting into any music industry molds! I sincerely hope that she has a career (if that's what she wants), or is happy living on the Cape, glass blowing and singing with her Dad.

The show will not be same without her, and that's why I am done watching for now. Depending on who's in the finale, I may tune in...we'll see when the time comes.