Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Evan Peters Finds Horror Movies Stressful

I read an interview today with Evan Peters of American Horror Story, and I wanted to share a few tidbits.

1. He doesn't like horror movies, but not for the usual reasons, it seems. "I wasn't a huge horror movie fan before [doing the show] because they kinda stress me out." Even though I love a man (or man-boy, in this case) who loves horror movies, I'm charmed by the fact that he admits to finding them stressful.

1 (a). He goes on to explain that "since working on the show I've definitely gotten into it a lot more and I have an appreciation for what's going on behind the scenes." He'll be watching House of Wax in no time! Or better yet, Orphan. It has a few similarities to American Horror Story. The tragedy of losing a baby, the mistrust between husband and wife, the gaslighting, and Taissa Varmiga's big sister Vera Farmiga stars in it.

1 (b). I watched Peters' interview on Young Hollywood today and the topic of horror movies came up. Again, he said that horror movies stress him out. He then said "I have to eat a lot of food before I go in there [to the movie theater], so I kinda relax, you know?" This guy cracks me up!

2. Apparently, the pilot was shot on location at and in the actual Murder House (which of course is not called Murder House in real life...it's just some Victorian house in LA), and Peters talked about how creepy the house is. "We heard some noises and stuff [while] shooting, but that's to be expected in a three story house with an attic. It's just a creepy house, it's so terrifying with that wood everywhere. I would never, ever want to live in that house." This made me think about wood, and how yes, I suppose that amount of dark wood on the floors and walls and molding would be a little intimidating.

3. His father told his mother that she should never watch the episode "Piggy Piggy", for obvious reasons. It must be tough for parents, especially mothers, to watch their children play such complicated, dark, possibly psychotic characters. In real life Peters describes himself as a "total goofball." He also plays piano.

And that's that! I've included a link to the full interview here if you'd like to check it out.