Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ghosts, Ghosts, and More Ghosts!

After watching last week's episode of American Horror Story ("Halloween: Part Two"), I started to think very deeply and seriously (but not too seriously!) about the ghosts who make up what seems like 85% of the cast, or maybe more!?! Anything is possible at this point.

What I'm most taken with is the way that some ghosts appear only in the clothes that they died in, while others seem to have the ability to change clothes.

Take Tate for instance (since he's my favorite character, we'll start with him!) Tate has been seen wearing faded jeans with holes in the knees, fluffy striped crew neck sweaters, equally fluffy solid colored v-neck sweaters, t-shirts that say "normal people scare me", among other items of clothing (like, the Rubber Man suit). How can he do this if he's a ghost? I don't get it. Maybe he isn't a ghost at all. I'm sure we'll find out soon. Hopefully.

Moira is also an interesting one. She can alter how she appears (age wise) to men and women (women see her as older and very buttoned up, men see her as young and pinup-esque). Neither of these is accurate. As we saw in "Murder House", 1983 Moira is indeed wearing a maid's uniform, though it's nothing naughty. Just a plain old black and white maid's uniform. Not to mention that she was shot in the eye, and therefore given a "ghostly eye" which appears only in the older, buttoned up version of herself. Argh.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the ginger twins, who look exactly like they did when they died, bell bottoms and all. And the "undead Breakfast Club", as they were so cleverly called. They all had their wounds, for crying out loud!

I know rationally that I may not be able to rationalize these details. I'm enjoying the American Horror Story ride so much, why worry about it? Right? Hmmm. Maybe this week will give us some juicy tidbits.