Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kill List, Is It a Horror Movie...?

Or is it a crime drama? Perhaps it's both? I watched the trailer for the upcoming movie Kill List and was completely intrigued and mystified. To me, this is how one should feel after having watched a trailer for this sort of movie.

All I do know is that it's about a hit man who is hired for a job. He has a family with kids and all. He and his son even play sword fighting in the backyard. Then there's lots of quick editing and some woods and some fire, and some strange people in twig masks (you have to watch the trailer to know what I mean!)

Right now it seems to only be playing out West in arts type theaters, as well as in NY, so hopefully it will come to my neck of the woods soon! According to the Kill List Facebook page, you can also rent the movie online (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) or watch it through various On Demand services.