Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Those Winchester Boys Crack Me Up!

I'm in the midst of putting together a list of my favorite Supernatural episodes (I haven't decided if I'm going to do top 10 or top 5, or if I'll include finales in a separate list?)

Anyway, I'm re-watching all of my episode "nominees" and while I know that "Changing Channels" isn't the most plot heavy episode, it's definitely oozing with Winchester charm and some very funny bits. Like the clever (and spot-on) sitcom style opening credits or the Knight Rider segment that closes the whole channel changing hilarity.

It's not everyday that you see a Winchester riding a bike, let alone both Winchesters riding a double bike with a basket that has flowers in it. If you watch the show, you know just how ridiculously adorable (and unlikely) this is.