Friday, October 26, 2012

American Horror Story: Tricks And Treats

I am absolutely unabashedly loving this season of American Horror Story. Not that this is surprising, being such a huge fan of season one, and of pretty much all of the actors this season. Zachary Quinto made his first appearance this week. Love him so much. He looks awesome in glassses. So handsome, as always.

This week's episode called "Tricks and Treats" was insane (in a great way). I cannot believe this stuff is happening on TV. Cable TV, sure. FX, ok. But still, AHS is particularly brutal and relentless this time around. At least, that's my feeling. I feel like it's one thing after another after another at Briarcliff. Does the horror never end?

Take "Bloody Face". So horrific and gross looking. I had made this delicious Fall vegetable (sort of) stew for dinner. Super excited to eat it. Super excited to watch AHS. Completely lost my appetite after one look at "Bloody Face". Completely. No appetite whatsoever.

Like last week, I don't want to give too much away for those who are getting caught up. And there's not too much to dissect yet, but be warned. Once there is, I'll be dissecting it like crazy. Fixating on the littlest detail. What does it mean? What's the secret? Is there a secret? I guess the one thing that I'm fixating on a smidge is the song that plays in the common room. You know, the very up tempo French song (I think it's French?) I wonder about that. Clearly, it would drive anyone mad to have to listen to it day in and day out.

As for the characters, Kit and Grace are adorable already. Love them. Love Grace's devotion to Kit, and so early on. James Cromwell's Dr. Alden is indeed very sinister and scary. Both of the Sisters (Jude and Mary) are super interesting. Sarah Paulson's Lana Winters (great name) continues to break my heart.

I'm making a conscious effort not to watch any teasers or trailers for the coming week's episode so as to be totally surprised by it. So far, so good. That said, I did happen to see that this week's episode (to air on Halloween night) is called "Nor'Easter". Love it.