Monday, October 29, 2012

Supernatural: Bitten, Heartbreak, + Found Footage

This post contains no real spoilers, though (as always) I do make reference to a detail or two that may be better left unknown (until you've watched).

This week's episode of Supernatural simply titled "Bitten" was sort of a concept episode. Not entirely unlike "Ghostfacers". It opens in typical Supernatural style. The Winchesters break into a house and find lots of bad stuff. But they also find a computer with an edited movie that chronicles the events that have led up to the bad stuff. The better part of the episode is of this footage and nothing else.

I couldn't help thinking about the recent horror flick V/H/S which features a group of short horror stories told through a hand held video camera lens. It was one of the most nerve shredding movie experiences of my life. And it stuck with me in a big way. The found footage concept is pretty popular these days in horror.

I enjoyed "Bitten" and feel like this season is off to a great start. I loved last week's episode "Heartbreak", directed by Jensen Ackles. This whole plot thread of Sam-being-out-of-practice and wanting a "normal" life vs. Dean being super focused and warrior-like is bound to go somewhere intense and very dramatic.

I'm so looking forward to this Wednesday! Will we have a Halloween themed episode? It's not every year that Supernatural airs on Halloween night.