Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vincent Price Never Looked So Good

I''ve just finished watching the movie Dragonwyck, and I simply cannot get over how handsome, charismatic, and darkly charming Vincent Price was in the starring role of Nicholas Van Ryn. He is also very tall, 6 foot 4 inches. And slender. Dressed in the gentleman's attire of the mid-1800s, Price was striking and exceedingly well cast. I've now added House of Wax and House of Usher to my library list, and can't wait to watch both!

I read the gothic novel (of the same name, by Anya Seton) a few years ago, and quite enjoyed it. I recommend both the movie and novel to anyone who loves a good gothic romance. And I further recommend the movie to anyone who is intrigued by the idea of a dapper, strangely seductive Vincent Price.