Monday, August 29, 2011

Speaking Of Jared Harris

As a result of my feverish Mad Men-athon this past week, I did a little research on Jared Harris, the lovely British actor who portrays my favorite Mad Men character, Lane Pryce. As it turns out, he's Richard Harris' son! This is totally blowing my mind, while simultaneously making me very, very happy.

I've always really liked Jared Harris, though I've never had a specific reason why. I just enjoy watching him in movies and TV shows, I suppose. He's a great actor, he's got that perfect strawberry-reddish hair, and he looks fantastic with a beard.

And so, when I read that he's Richard Harris' son, it somehow all made more sense, or came together in some odd way. I adore Richard Harris, and he made quite an impact on my childhood. Camelot was a staple in my house, and A Tramp Shining was my father's favorite album.

As an adult, I also quite enjoy Harris in Orca, The Killer Whale. And A Tramp Shining is now one of my favorite albums. I especially love the songs "Paper Chase" and "Dancing Girl"...and "MacArthur Park", of course.

The other interesting tidbit is about Jared Harris' mother, Elizabeth Rees-Williams. She was married to Harris through the late 60s, and then married Rex Harrison. He's another one of my childhood favorites. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is one of my all time faves, and who can forget My Fair Lady.

It's interesting, I think. And to get back to subject at hand, Jared Harris will be killing it (in a good way!) in the role of Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, to be released in Decemeber of this year for the holiday season.