Saturday, September 17, 2011

Any Human Heart

As I write, I'm watching the BBC mini-series Any Human Heart for the third time. I love this mini-series, and not just because of Matthew Macfadyen, though he is quite a draw. In fact, I first watched it because of Tom Hollander, who plays the Duke of Windsor. Both he and Gillian Anderson (who plays his wife, Wallace Simpson) are splendid in their roles.

Matthew Macfadyen, Sam Claflin, and Jim Broadbent all play the main character, Logan Mountstuart, at different times in his life.

And Hayley Atwell plays the lovely, charming, funny Freya, wife and true love to Logan, mother to little Stella. She's a very refreshing actress, Hayley Atwell. And beautiful in an equally refreshing way.

I adore Any Human Heart. It's charming, funny, romantic, and bittersweet. And there is something very special and unique about the way in which the three actors portray the same man. It's difficult to put into words, honestly...

I suppose I'll close by saying this: Any Human Heart is without a doubt fantastic. Inspiring. And something of a must see.