Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You've Just Gotta Watch It!

We're four weeks in, heading into the fifth week with "Halloween: Part Two", and American Horror Story is totally killing it, in a good way. I love this show! And I have to be honest, whenever I try to explain to a friend or family member what's so great about it, I find myself struggling to find the balance between revealing plot details and keeping it mysterious and shocking, just as it is. I want to share everything, but that would ruin...everything. And so, I've turned to the old stand-by "you've just gotta watch it!"

The most recent episode "Halloween: Part One" was so, so good. We finally "meet" Chad and Patrick, the "stylish" couple who most recently owned the house. We learn a bit more about Charles Montgomery, the man who built this doomed house in the first place.

But for me, a good chunk of my love for the show stems from my love of the character Tate, and his secret, forbidden romance with Violet. They're so sweet! And he's so strange and dark and disturbingly charming. For anyone who has not yet seen the show, I don't want to reveal too much. I just hope that we find out more about Tate soon. I'm so curious to know his story!