Friday, November 18, 2011

Lots of Questions + One Crazy Answer

This week's episode of American Horror Story was not only was a blast to watch, but it also raised yet even more questions, and answered a few. One in particular.

Constance was all over this episode, so I think I'll devote most of this post to the lady in question, with a few extra tidbits toward the end.

Constance: crazy, fabulous, shallow, cruel yet kind Constance, played so brilliantly by Jessica Lange. As I've written in previous posts, I definitely feel like something very nasty went down between Constance and her son Tate. At this point I think everyone is assuming that Tate is her one child that was not born physically afflicted in some way. In the pilot episode, she referred this child as "a model of physical perfection" whom she "lost to other things".

Constance has also said that her womb is cursed, and that you'd think that she and her Van Johnson look alike of husband would "make little cherub children", but that their "beauty was an affront to the Gods." Does this strike anyone else as crazy logic???

In this week's episode (called "Open House"), Constance shows up at the house to visit with Tate after his session with Dr. Ben, but instead of being happy to see his Mom, Tate literally cringes when she tries to touch his face. He then proceeds to tell her that yes, therapy is helping him, and they're getting to the root of the problem: "turns out I hate my Mother", he says and skulks off down the hallway. Could this just be teen angst? Or something more sinister?

And this brings me to Beau, Constance's other son, and the third child we've met. Poor Beau had some sort of serious physical affliction, and was kept hidden away from the world, locked in the attic of Murder House for (most likely) his entire young adult/adult life. And now he haunts said attic, looking for someone to play ball with. So sad! Turns out he was killed in an act of mercy (or at least that's how it was set up) in 1994 by a love sick Larry. Love sick for whom, you might ask? None other than Constance. The plot thickens.

It also turns out that Larry was not responsible for the fire that killed his family. His crazed, heart broken wife was! She went crazy after Larry confessed his love for Constance and proposed that they split up. This all happened in 1994, after Constance had moved next door. The timeline gets even more complicated.

And now some questions, as well as one answer.

Is the Van Johnson look alike the father of all of Constance's children? I think so. In her "affront-to-the-gods" monologue she definitely alludes to the fact that together, they had four children. We've met three. One more to go. I wonder who it will be???

The one solid answer that I got out of this week's episode was about the Infantata. Turns out after the Montgomery baby was brought back from the dead in a Frankenstein-ish plot twist! And the new creature is fierce, fast, and immortal. And it feeds on blood, like a vampire. So there you have it. The Infantata in the basement is literally a back-from-the-dead-Montgomery-baby-creature that has been living in the house all these years. Since the 1920s. Holy smoke!

I cannot wait for next week's episode in which we learn who or what Rubber Man is. Awesome!