Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tate Langdon, You Had Me At "If You Love Someone You Should Never Hurt Them"

Seriously. I've been crushing on Tate Langdon since episode one of American Horror Story, and it all started with those words. "If you love someone you should never hurt them". Well, it may have started earlier (with the skull face and whistling), but those words still send shivers up my spine. He says these things with such intensity, yet also with a sort of vacancy or emptiness, which we now know could be blamed on the fact that (a) he's a ghost and/or (b) he's more than likely a psychopath. But I'm having a hard time coming to any conclusions about the boy. He's so complicated and seems to have lots of secrets.

My questions are these:

1. What's with the thumb ring? It's hard to tell what it is exactly, but it looks rather big and vaguely goth. Maybe a skull or snake or both? It would make sense if it were. I think it's an interesting detail.

2. Is Tate lying to Violet? Does he really love her or is he using her for some sinister purpose? She seems so head over heels that I'm worried for her. The popular opinion online is that she's already dead. I don't think I'm on board with this theory, though. It seems too obvious. But then again, Tate as Rubber Man seemed too obvious, so who knows...?

3. Are there two Tates? I've written about this in previous posts, and I really do think it's a possibility. He can go from sinister and cold to weepy and angsty in seconds.

And yet Constance (his mother) has described him as "a sensitive boy, a young man with too deep feelings, the soul of poet but none of the grit or steel that acts as a bulwark against the horrors of this world." She also seems like a totally mixed bag. She can cut you like a knife with her words, and she locks her children away in attics and closets, but she also has this tender side and can be very protective of these same children. My heart broke for her when Addie died.

3 (a). By the way, where is Addie???

4. What is Tate's relationship with Nora? He's doing everything he can to please her. In fact it seems like that's been his focus for the past 7 years. She's a mother, he has mommy issues, what those issues are we still don't know. She's very pretty, and looks fabulous in all of her 1920s splendor. She's my new favorite character on the show. There's something extra heartbreaking about Nora.

5. Are we supposed to believe that Tate still has no idea that he's dead? He's lives in the basement, (basically) brooding and sulking. I loved Hayden's "Little Lord Fauntleroy" bit. Speaking of which, he's hanging out with dead ladies, and he seems to realize that they're dead.

6. Why didn't Tate go all way with Violet on Halloween? The beach would have been very romantic, and their make out session was getting pretty hot and heavy. Why wait until now?

Perhaps some of these questions will be answered in part (or in whole) this week, with "Spooky Little Girl" (love this episode title). I can't wait to watch! I'm so happy that this show came along when it did.