Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Further Speculation On Tate's Thumb Ring

As you may already know, I'm dying to know what's up with Tate's thumb ring. It seems like an interesting and odd detail, and I wonder if it holds some great secret to understanding Tate's character and/or motivations. And so, I've made it a goal to find out more.

I managed to get a semi-better image of it when re-watching the pilot (for the umpteenth time!) and it looks less to me (now) like a snake and skull, and more like a snake eating some other creature or animal. Makes sense? Maybe??? It's so hard to tell, though. It really could be anything.

I've read that this week's episode called "Smoldering Children" will give us some major insight into Tate and Constance. And also Larry. I'm so, so excited.

I really enjoy Larry. My favorite quote of Larry's so far: "I'm very interested in that fire place."

Last Thursday I wrote "If I can manage to make it to next Wednesday without writing yet another post about Tate Langdon and/or Even Peters, it will be a miracle." A girl can't help herself, I suppose.