Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Horror Story: Birth

It's officially been one month since the final episode of American Horror Story and I think that I'm finally ready to write about it. I've watched it twice now and while I think the first 15 or so minutes were tense, awesome, and devastating, I still have so many questions that will never be answered.

But I'm going to address these questions in a separate post, because there's too many and I want to devote one whole post to the single greatest episode of American Horror Story, season one. The penultimate episode, aptly titled "Birth".

I absolutely, whole-heartedly loved this episode. I think that Alfonso Gomez-Rejon is fantastic. He directed my other favorite episode of the season "Home Invasion", and there's something very special about his eye and the way in which the characters come to life in his episodes.

I loved the opening flashback sequence of young Tate and Nora, and then all-grown-up Tate and Nora. "Life's too short for so much sorrow."

I loved Billie Dean Howard's monologue about spirits and energy and regret. So what if her Croatoan ritual didn't work. The Winchesters could've told her that.

I loved Tate's come-on-turned-beat-down at the hands of a very angry Patrick. I feel like Evan Peters was channeling Adam Brody a smidge in this scene. That perfect sarcasm and boyish-ness. Only a smidge, though. I adore Adam Brody, by the way.

And I loved Violet. That final scene broke my heart. "I used to think that you were like me, you were attracted to the darkness. But Tate, you are the darkness." Such high drama and sadness. I felt so sad for both of them by the end, Violet telling Tate she loves him but can't forgive him. And Tate, tear soaked and weepy "You're all I want, you're all I have!"

Poor Tate. Poor Violet.

Poor Ben. And poor, poor Vivien. But as we see in the finale, things turn out pretty much okay for the Harmon family.