Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year + Jenny Lewis

First off, Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and have started off the New Year with a splash. Or perhaps in a more low key way, like me. I've started my New Year off with a lot of movie/TV show watching. And lots and lots of tea. Too much perhaps. But not to worry...I've switched to decaf Irish breakfast, so I can drink all I want and still get to sleep at night.

As part of my Wintertime hibernation, I checked out an episode of the British/Canadian TV show Spectacle: Elvis Costello With... and was so excited to see one of my favorites, Jenny Lewis, hit the stage. Lewis and her band were joined by M. Ward and Costello himself (both on guitar) for a perfectly bittersweet and lovely performance of "Pretty Bird" from her 2008 album Acid Tongue.

Lewis was also interviewed by Costello, and she was really cool and down to earth. I just love her!