Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day From Jack White

Yesterday was a great day because I got to hear Bret McKenzie talk about Muppets on NPR for maybe 20 minutes. And I got to hear him sing the chorus of Harry Nilsson's "Without You."

Today is a great day because Jack White's self-directed video for "Love Interruption" has been released and it's fantastic. It features Jack White, three lovely ladies, and a small dog.

One of these lovely ladies is Ruby Amanfu, who sings back-up vocals on the song. She's stunning. Absolutely gorgeous, and her voice is equally so.

The video itself is kind of soft focus-ish, but not entirely, and has moments of very bright, fuzzy light and then other moments of perfect crispness. It has a very sensual feel to it, and is in keeping with an aesthetic that Jack White seems to be building with Third Man. It's velvety and lush but also very simple and clear and to the point. And there's a lovely kind of old fashioned glamour going on that I (personally) really, really love.

As I wrote in my previous post about the song "Love interruption" Jack White's solo album Blunderbuss will be released on April 24th. He's also started announcing some tour dates, which has me totally on edge (but in a good a way). I am so excited to seem this man live and in person. Again.