Monday, March 5, 2012

Evan Peters Will Be Back For Season Two!

I've just discovered some more juicy tidbits about those cast members of American Horror Story season one who will be returning for season two. Jessica Lange was the first to be announced, in February.

Also joining the cast are: Zachary Quinto (Chad, previously), Sarah Paulson (my fave, Billie Dean Howard), Lily Rabe (the 1920s beauty), and (drum roll please)...Evan Peters. Woohoo!!!

According to series creator Ryan Murphy each actor will a play role that's the opposite of their role in season one. I guess this means that Peters will not be playing a lovable-yet-disturbing-teen-ghost-psychopath. He may be very much alive and lovable in all the right ways.

As for season two itself, all we know so far is that it will take place on the East Coast in a "horror institution". Filming will begin in July.