Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jack White On SNL

Jack White was musical guest on SNL this past Saturday and he did not disappoint. I've had "Sixteen Saltines" stuck in my head since Saturday. Well, I guess it was technically Sunday, but I digress.

Mr. White brought us two very different performances. "Love Interruption" was soulful and beautiful. Like the music video, it had an old fashioned kind of glamour to it. White was backed by an all female band which was awesome. And I'd like to say again that Ruby Amanfu is absolutely gorgeous. She was dressed in a flowing, effortless white frock with white satin elbow gloves, playing tambourine and swaying ever so cooly. I also totally loved the drummer. She had killer energy and I really liked her haircut.

"Sixteen Saltines" was a whole different scene. First off, we go from an all female to an all male band. The energy was more aggressive and was very crisp, yet gritty when it wanted to be. The drummer was very entertaining. He kept standing up while drumming. It was great. Refreshing.

And then there was Jack White. I never realized how limber he is. He must have made his way back and forth across the (albeit, small) stage six or so times. He'd slide and double over and launch himself from the back corner to the front and across and back again. His hair was teased to the hilt which really worked for this performance. He was also wearing some very dapper pinstripe pants.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed both songs, both performances, both bands.