Monday, March 19, 2012

Thank Goodness Supernatural Is Back!

Supernatural returned this past week after a month long-ish hiatus with an episode that basically blew me away. Lots of Winchester humor and charm, as well as some crazy leviathan shenanigans made "Out With the Old" my favorite episode of season seven. So far.

A certain trench coat clad angel may be making an appearance next week, so these final episodes will hopefully be really, really good. Although he may now be a navy blue cardigan clad angel, but more on that later. I'm hoping for some high Sam Winchester drama (with plenty of brow creasing). And after this week's episode I may be starting to like those leviathans. Some of them can be very sassy and entertaining.

The opening scene of "Out With the Old" features a prima ballerina dancing her heart out to Swan Lake (metaphorically), and then dancing her feet off (literally). It was very dramatic and fairly gross. Turns out her pointe shoes are cursed! And they have a certain thrall. For example, Dean has difficulty fighting his completely-out-of-character desire to strap on the pink satin shoes and prance around. He even makes a ballet pun. Normally I don't love puns, but in this case it was adorable and totally cracked me up.

I'll stop there with the plot details. Don't want to reveal too much for those of you who haven't watched it yet. I'm just so happy that they're back, and in great form.