Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jack Black Will Blow Your Mind

Yes, you read it correctly. I'm writing about a different Jack this time around: the one and only Jack Black. 

As the star of School of Rock, Jack Black charmed my socks off. He was funny and smart, and the rock history chalkboard chart (pictured above) was perfection. 

And so, I was pleasantly surprised/very happy to hear Mr. Black on NPR's Fresh Air last week, and even stayed home to listen to the interview in its entirety (when I otherwise should have been running errands). NPR hasn't had me laughing so hard since the Muppet interviews toward the end of last year and earlier this year. And those were some very funny interviews. 

This interview was primarily about Jack Black's music career, starting with a love of both Van Halen and Bobby McFarrin in high school (which he referred to as the "yin and yang" of his musical tastes). He was also active in musical theater, playing the lead role in his high school production of Pippin, and went on to form Tencaious D and sing in movies like High Fidelity and the afore mentioned School of Rock. He talked a lot about wanting to "blow peoples' minds" with his voice, which he demonstrated for us at one point, calling it "vocal flexing". Half in jest and half in all seriousness, I think. 

I really enjoyed the interview and found Jack Black relatable, down to earth, charming, and sincere.