Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Colbert Bump + 1000 Blue Helium Balloons

I love watching Stephen Colbert and Jack White together. Colbert is always in perfect form. And it's great to see White play the "straight man" to Colbert's grammy-obsessed-funny-man-host.

And so, when I saw that Jack White had been on The Colbert Report on April 26th, I was one very happy girl. Not only was the "interview" priceless and very funny, but Jack White and his all male band The Buzzards performed "Freedom At 21" , which is one my favorite songs on Blunderbuss.

The two men discuss the famous "Colbert Bump", the Grammys (of course), and the recent Third Man Records release of 1000 blue helium balloons into the sky.

And if you haven't yet watched the Colbert/White 2000 and 1...and 1: A Rock Odyssey and/or "Catholic Throwdown" from last Summer, I tell you. Watch them immediately. They're so, so good. And you'll get to hear Colbert sing his "chart adjacent" 80s synth-pop hit "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)". Also priceless. 

P.S. I was driving around today (a full three days after writing the above portion of this post), running errands, listening to Blunderbuss, when I remembered something that made me burst into a fit of the giggles. During the afore mentioned Colbert/White "interview" on April 26th, Stephen Colbert asks Jack White if there was any way that he could to do some backing vocals on the album (post-release of said album!?!) He then goes on to sing these amazing, hilarious background style vocals. They even show a clip of his singing edited into the "Love Interruption" music video.

Very funny stuff. I'm giggling still, as I write.