Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekly Song List: Wednesday, August 22nd

Since I'm clearly preoccupied with my childhood  experiences of the gothic and the romantic (see my posts for the past week or so), I thought I'd dedicate this week's song list to just that. Songs that are gothic and romantic, and filled with some sort of darkness or magic. Songs that would have fit perfectly with my somewhat macabre childhood sensibilities.

1. Glass. Bat For Lashes: My favorite favorite Bat For Lashes song. From her album Two Suns. This songs makes me think of The Neverending Story. Which reminds me, I should watch that too as part of my mini movie marathon. Totally exhilarating song. It has such momentum and atmosphere.

2. 1816, The Year Without a Summer. Rasputina: This song is about the "Little Ice Age" which is apparently when Mary Shelley wrote or started to write Frankenstein. This event is also documented in the movie Rowing With the Wind (which is part of my mini movie marathon). Great song. Rasputina are one of my all time favorites. Love them.

3. The Wolf. Fever Ray: From the soundtrack for the movie Red Riding Hood. Awesome song. There's something very tribal about it. In the movie, it plays during a sort of celebration that involves darkness, dancing, and lots of fire.

4. Heavy In Your Arms. Florence + The Machine: From the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie soundtrack. When did these soundtracks get to be so awesome!?! This is actually my favorite Florence song. Gorgeous. Love the heavy sound, and the dramatic build.

5. Love Is Blindness. Jack White: Cover of the U2 song. Featured on the 20th anniversary full album cover of Achtung Baby. I've already written about song on this very blog. I love it in so many ways. I love the loudness of it at times and the space within it. I love Jack's voice. It's also one of my favorite U2 songs.

6. When Doves Cry. Prince & The Revolution: I thought I'd include a song that I was actually listening to in the 80s. I was really into Prince when I was 8 or 9. And this song held so much mystery for me. It seemed very intense and about things that I could not relate to, but were intrigued by. I remember being in my bedroom, dancing to this song in pink leather pumps that were two sizes too big for me.

7. Jackie. Sinéad O'Connor: From her album The Lion and The Cobra. Gorgeous song about a lady waiting (for eternity) for her Jackie to return from the sea. Haunting. Beautiful. Eerie. Perfectly ghostly. Perfectly romantic.

Photo: Rasputina