Monday, September 24, 2012

Jack White Omaha, Eight (Or So) Weeks Later

In typical me fashion, I've waited much too long to write a post about my trip to Nebraska to see Jack White at the Omaha Music Hall. But, it's been eight (or so) weeks since the show and it's still very fresh in my mind.

My Mom joined me on the trip. We spent the day in Omaha shopping in the Old Market and at Wolf Brothers Western Shop. We drove all over the city. It was a gorgeous day in Omaha.

And then there was the show. Unforgettable! Fantastic! As good as if not better than the Roseland Ballroom show. Well...that show was fantastic as well, but for different reasons. The Music Hall was a great venue. Very intimate and charming. The sound was awesome, and Jack's voice sounded incredible. Like, unbelievably good. Especially considering he'd played Lollapalooza the night before. His voice was warm, rich, and clear.

My Mom and I had great seats in the front row of the balcony, a little right of center. Perfect view of the stage. Jack looked very handsome with his hair combed back over his ears, and an elegant black vest, white collared shirt, black tie ensemble, finished off by what looked like dark grey wool (???) straight leg pants and white patent leather short boots (or booties...I've written about this before...are they booties when men wear them?)

I was lucky enough to see The Buzzards for a second time, and they were as awesome and as loud as in NYC. I love this band! And I still have a crush on the tambourine-player-come-background-singer-come-mandolin/sometimes piano player.

The crowd was great. Lots of singing along. My mom remembers that during "You Know That I Know" Jack stopped singing because we were all singing, and that he smiled at this. I don't remember this specifically because I one of the people singing along, lost in the moment of it all. I love live music!

Jack and The Buzzards played for a really long time, thank goodness! The show kept going and going and going. And at the end, they all came together on stage and bowed. It was great, refreshing, and very heart-warming. Like they're a whole, solid band, not one guy being backed by a band. My Mom even commented that Jack doesn't seem like the type who wants a ton of attention, that he wants to share the attention with his band mates equally and never "outshine" them. I thought this was very insightful of her. And I have to agree, Mom. Excellent observation.

And so, here's a complete list of songs played by Jack White and The Buzzards on August 6th at the Omaha Music Hall:

Hello Operator
Weep Themselves To Sleep
Missing Pieces
Trash Tongue Talker
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Wasting My Time
Hotel Yorba
You Know That I Know
Hypocritical Kiss
Top Yourself
I Cut Like a Buffalo
Broken Boy Soldiers
We're Going To Be Friends
I'm Slowly Turning Into You
Take Me With You When You Go

Steady As She Goes
Freedom At 21
Sixteen Saltines
Catch Hell Blues
Seen Nation Army
Goodnight, Irene

A good long show. And I loved every second of it! My favorites were "I'm Slowly Turning Into You", "Hotel Yorba" (the crowd went crazy for this one!), "You Know That I Know" (the crowd went crazy for this one, too), "Blunderbuss", and "Goodnight, Irene". Wonderful night, wonderful show.

Photo by Jo McCaughey.