Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh My Sweet Goodness, It's October!

I'm so happy that it's October. This might be my favorite month. Or December. Or maybe April? Hmmm. It's a tough one. Anyway, I love October for all sorts of reasons. I love Autumn! Halloween. My crazy craft fair season begins this month. And I like to see it a sort of fresh start. Seasons are the best that way.

Just a reminder/update: Weekly Song Lists are going to be up every Wednesday. I may do a few on a Halloween theme, but we'll see how it goes. I've heard a lot of great new music these past couple of weeks, so I'm particularly excited about this week's list.

Supernatural is starting back up this Wednesday, October 3rd. Oh my sweet goodness!!!(That's my new favorite exclamation.) And American Horror Story will be starting up on the 17th. Aaaahhh!!! So much awesome, dramatic, spooky TV.

I've seen lots of great live music this past week, so stay tuned for my standard-overly-detailed-accounts, and photos, very soon.

And that's that for now! I leave you with this beautiful black and white film still from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, one of my all time favorite movies, and one of the great haunted-house-love-stories ever put to the silver screen.

Photo: Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison