Monday, September 10, 2012

Sam and Dean, Meet Mulder and Scully

This past Spring I did something that I should have done a long time ago. Something that was a ton of fun and kept me totally entertained for months. I watched The X-Files from start to finish.

This was quite an undertaking, but I loved it so much and may do it again this Winter. While watching, I kept a list of actors who I recognized from my favorite show of all shows Supernatural (which will be returning for its 8th season on October 3rd!) I'd planned on sharing this list in the Spring, but decided to save it to include as part of my countdown to Supernatural series of posts.

And so here you have it! Note that the actor's name is listed first, followed by their Supernatural character name and finally, their X-Files character name.

Jim Beaver: Bobby/Coroner

Mitch Pileggi: Samuel/Skinner

Steven Williams: Rufus/Mr. X 

Mark Sheppard: Crowley/Bob the Caretaker

A.J. Buckley: Ed Zeddmore/The Dude

Katharine Isabelle: Ava/Lisa Baiocchi

Chad Lindberg: Ash/Bobby Rich

Nicki Aycox: Meg Masters/Chastity Raines

Mark Pelligrino: Lucifer/Derwood Spinks

Titus Welliver: War/Doug Spinney

James Otis: Famine/Arien Sacks

Fredric Lehne: Azazel/Young Arthur Dales

Mark Rolston: Alastair/Bud LaPierre & Richard Odin

William B. Davis: Folklore Professor/Smoking Man

Nicholas Lea: Elliot Ness/Alex Krycek

If there's anyone I've left out please feel free to share in the comments section below. Enjoy!