Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekly Song List: Wednesday, September 12th

It's starting to feel like Autumn in New England. This makes me very happy! Autumn is my favorite season, and even though I'm no longer in school, it always feels like a fresh start to the year. And with that, I bring you the first Weekly Song List of the school year!

1. Can't Let Go. Lucinda Williams: This song acted as a sort of soundtrack for my recent trip to San Francisco. I love the energy of the song and it's a great one to sing along to, especially when your driving along the Pacific with the windows down.

2. Stubborn Love. The Lumineers: It's no secret how much I adore this song. There's a certain build to the song that I love, and the lyrics are fantastic. A little sad, but that's how I like them (much of the time).

3. To Live Is To Fly. Townes Van Zandt: I only recently discovered Townes Van Zandt, and this is the song that sealed my love for his music. I could listen to this song all day long.

4. To Ohio. The Low Anthem: I love The Low Anthem, especially when they sing in that deep, gravelly voice. Swoon. Also, a sad song. "Lost my love before her time. Now every new love is just a shadow." Heartbreaking, right?

5. Twilight. Elliott Smith: Elliott Smith is one of my all time favorite song writers, without a doubt. XO is one of my all time favorite albums. I've listen to his music more than most. And this song is one of my particular favorites. So simple and sad and beautiful.

6. Kentucky Avenue. Tom Waits: I love this man. And I love this song. What's it all about? I have no idea, except what the lyrics tell me. It's an interesting story, and (for me) it's oozing with romance. "Watch out for broken glass, put your shoes and socks on, and come along with me".

7. Battle of Trees. Tori Amos: From Tori Amos' recent album Night of Hunters. I find this song perfectly charming and beautiful. And I love the Erik Satie piano.


8. (Happy September Bonus Song) The Land of Might-Have-Been. Jeremy Northam: I thought I'd include a little something extra this week. I love this song from the movie Gosford Park, performed so perfectly by the impossibly handsome Jeremy Northam.

Photo: Tom Waits