Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Song List: Friday, October 19th

In light of my seeing Beach House live in concert earlier this week, I knew that I simply had to begin this week's song list with a Beach House song.

And this led to some interesting things. I started adding different songs, all of which were by ladies. 3 songs in I decided to run with it. And so I give you this week's song list. Lady love.

1. 10 Mile Stereo. Beach House: By now you likely know that I saw these two live in concert earlier this week. Amazing show! Oh my sweet goodness. It was stunning. Energetic. This song has sort of been my "life line" to my memory of the show. For whatever reason, I can picture the stage in my mind when I hear this song. Love it. Love the drum machine. Love Victoria Legrand's voice.

2. Margaret vs. Pauline. Neko Case: I have so much love for this song and for the lady herself. So, so much love. The story of the song is so uniquely sad. "Two girls ride the blue line, two girls walk down the same street. One left a sweater sittin' on the train and the other lost three fingers at the cannery." Brilliant.

3. Skylark. K.d. Lang: I've been lucky enough to see K.d. Lang in concert not once but twice. I feel like she has one of those voices that could melt anything. It's so warm and rich and beautiful. This song is from the Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil soundtrack featuring the songs of Johnny Mercer. "Skylark" opens and closes the flim, if I remember correctly. Gorgeousness. Pure gorgeousness.

4. Melody. Blonde Redhead: This song is my American Horror Story consumed mind entering the mix. I don't know why exactly, but this song reminds me so much of AHS. The atmosphere. The drums. The story to some extent. At any rate, it's a great song.

5. Shotgun Down the Avalanche. Shawn Colvin: Gorgeous acoustic version of this song. Recorded as part of the Columbia Records Radio Hour. I heard it for the first time on my local folk radio station, and have listened to it a zillion times since. I love to sing along with this one.

6. Baker Baker. Tori Amos: This song breaks my heart every time I hear it. Between the lyrics   about hearts made of icing and Tori's voice, what other option is there but heartbreak?

7. The Hill. Marketa Irglova: From the movie Once. Simple. Beautiful. Again, with the heartbreak. Marketa's voice is so tender and seemingly on the verge of breaking but also so strong and full. If you haven't seen this movie, see it. Immediately.

Photo: Beach House