Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekly Song List: Wednesday, October 10th

I hope that you've had a great week so far! Autumn is in full force here. The leaves are changing and it's chilly in that perfect crisp Autumn way. I've started wearing my wool socks and slippers. Yes! I love this time of year.

Starting next week, I'll be putting together some themed song lists, but for now please enjoy this collection of 7 beautiful songs that I cannot seem to get enough of lately. I have so much love for all of them.

1. Survival. Muse: Muse is one of my all time favorite bands. I think they're absolutely brilliant. This song is from their new album The 2nd Law, which I literally bought yesterday at Newbury Comics. It's an amazing album (more on that later), and this song is my favorite so far. It makes me feel like a Warrior Queen.

2. Make a Fist. Phatogram: There's something very forward-moving about this song. It has a lot of momentum. I love that. Phantogram are magical to me. Beautiful songs full of electricity and energy and light.

3. Rest In Bed. Laura Marling: It's no secret that I absolutely adore Laura Marling. Her songs are so soulful and beautiful and pure and warm. I love them. Especially this one.

4. It'll Happen. Punch Brothers: It's also no secret that I'm crazy enamored with Punch Brothers after seeing them live in Portsmouth, NH one week ago. This song is one of my favorites. Very subtle and sweet and lovely. I don't believe they performed this live, but I was in a happiness induced delirium, so I can't be certain.

5. Lonesome Valley. Tom Brosseau: I've listened to this song more than any other song this week. Literally. I think it's perfect. Beautiful and perfect.

6. Sunrise, Sunset. Bright Eyes: I think that Conor Oberst (AKA Bright Eyes) is one of the great song writers of our time. This song is from Fevers & Mirrors, which was my first Bright Eyes album. It's also my favorite. This song is a real gem. I love them klezmer influence and Conor's voice is so heart wrenching.

7. Girl's Song In Winter. Vashti Bunyan: Everything about this song is magic to me. The recording, plenty of crackle and hiss. Vashti's voice. Gorgeous. I also (generally) love songs that are about the Wintertime. Very bittersweet and beautiful. And perfect ending song.

Photo: Phantogram