Monday, January 30, 2012

Björk + Darkly Passionate Song Lyrics

Speaking of darkly passionate song lyrics. I wrote about Björk's latest album Biophilia a few months ago, but I've only just started really listening to it and I have to say, Björk blows my mind. She's incredible. I love her music, her voice, her lyrics. Her creativity. It's almost as if she's growing these songs and sounds versus creating them. Like, she's somehow growing these electronic and artificial sounds from the Earth itself. They're like electricity.

My favorites songs on the album are "Thunderbolt", "Crystalline", "Cosmogony" and "Virus".

Which brings me to the topic of darkly romantic song lyrics. In the song "Virus", Björk virtually whispers the words "Like a virus needs a body, as soft tissue feeds on blood, someday I'll find you, the urge is here", with so much gentle strength and passion. She amazes me.

I highly recommend Biophilia. I still hold Homogenic as my all time favorite Björk album, but this one comes in close.