Monday, July 30, 2012

Sound Of My Voice

I saw (and loved) Sound of My Voice when it was first released in theaters, but it's taken me until now to fully realize what a brilliant movie it is. I think that Brit Marling is a super talented, interesting actress and screenwriter. The music in the movie is awesome. And the story is fascinating, subtle, and unsettling.

The story follows a young couple who are in the initiation process of joining a cult, lead by the beautiful and mysterious Maggie (played by Marling). Initiates believe that Maggie is from the future. She dresses in all white, as do her initiates. And there's a very complicated handshake that initiate-hopefuls learn in preparation for their first visit with Maggie.

One of the things that makes this movie so interesting, entertaining, and compelling is the suspense, so I don't think I'll share more than that, plot wise.

I had a discussion recently with my niece (the same one who came to see Jack White with me) about indie movies versus big budget Hollywood movies. I posed the question "are there indie movies out there that are better off being indie?" And when I say indie, I'm not talking about Miramax (though they've made some really great movies). I'm talking about super low budget, obscure, unlikely, and typically original movies with original stories. This is one of those movies. It doesn't need anything else. Not fancier sets, or more well known actors. It's got everything it needs.

I highly recommend this movie. It's indie movie making at its best.
Watch the trailer for Sound of My Voice here.

Written by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, who also directed the movie.

Photo: Brit Marling